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What's in a (therapy) name? Arriving at a destination point on your current life journey...

A couple of people have asked me this week so I thought it would be a good idea to explain a little about the origin of the name of my talk therapy busines, Arrive Therapy®.

I chose the name because I feel very strongly that life is about a series of destinations, and that we're all on a series of journeys. Through the work we do together, I can help you arrive at a destination point on your current life journey.

For some people, this may be overcoming something; accepting something; or learning something about themselves. Maybe you want to arrive at a new you; maybe you want to arrive at the old you. Maybe there are lots of parts of you that you'd like to discover. Perhaps you want to address issues around thoughts, emotions, sensations and behaviours - any familiar patterns that aren't serving you.

Perhaps, your destination is around identity, or self acceptance. However you want to grow and learn and develop, talk therapy can be of benefit.

There’s info here on Hypno-CBT which is the main talk therapy tool or modality I use. And a blog titled ‘What issues are Arrive Therapy's cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy ideal for?’, which may be useful if you’re curious.

I affirm and work with all genders, and all neurotypes; so contact me today if you'd like to find out more - we can set up a free discovery call to see if I can help you arrive at the current destination you’re seeking. Email Kathy @:


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