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Are you wondering how online hypnotherapy works?

Online Class

Webcam based cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy or Hypno-CBT® works incredibly well, and many studies back up the fact that online therapy or 'iTherapy' has similar outcomes to face-to-face therapy. (See our online therapy resources page.) Let’s therefore look at some of the benefits of hypnotherapy online:


  • It’s practical – you don’t need to drive to another location, potentially pay to park, and even dress a certain way to attend. Online hypnosis may also be favoured by some people that are shy, highly sensitive, neurodivergent and / or autistic, who may find face-to-face-therapy more challenging.



  • Your surroundings are familiar – providing you have a reliable device with a good internet signal / video functionality, and feel comfortable confidentiality-wise to speak from your chosen location, hypnosis online works well, as you have your home comforts around you.

  • Online therapy or 'iTherapy' is discreet, for example if you didn’t want people to know you were seeking therapy.

  • Digital therapy may be more immediate, with more availability than face-to-face sessions.

How does online cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy work?


Firstly, you will make contact with Kathy (pictured in the video!), to enquire about her online hypnotherapy; remember, Kathy works in allyship with all genders. If you and Kathy want to proceed, you will complete and return a health questionnaire that’s encrypted to HIPAA, BAA and GDPR compliance requirements. (Some clients are directed from a third-party therapy agency.)


You will then arrange a mutually convenient time and date for the online therapy, and pay for your session in advance. Kathy will then send your therapy contract via encrypted email to be signed, returned and retained; in due course, the access details for your online hypnotherapy session will be supplied.


The therapy then takes the form of a normal Hypno-CBT® therapy session, discussing your issues and goals, and carrying out the therapeutic work. (If you’re looking for hypnotherapy in Kent, face-to-face sessions near Maidstone are available.) 

Online sessions £65. Call 01732 330070! 

Contact Kathy Carter (based Kent, UK)



Tel: 01732 330070

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