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Get to know Hypno-CBT® with Arrive Therapy® 

Are you wondering, "Where can I find hypnotherapy near me?"

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About Hypno-CBT® (download pdf)


Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) aims to help individuals bring about positive change to many areas of their lives. Read our article: 'What is Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy? '

Read our article: 'What issues are Arrive Therapy's cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy ideal for?'

In addition to assisting individuals of all genders with issues of anxiety, minority stresspain, confidence, assertiveness, self-esteem and personal autonomy, Kathy's special areas of interest in terms of Hypno-CBT® therapy are issues affecting neurodivergent people, and their families. She's proudly a neurodiversity-affirming therapist (and gender diversity-affirming therapist - pronouns she/her); and specifically supports individuals that are autistic - Kathy is neurodivergent herself, and is author of the book 'Autism from A to Z'.


She's also keenly interested in mindset coaching, narcissistic trauma recovery, and issues affecting anxiety-prone and highly sensitive people (HSPs).


Kathy's also interested in dialogical cognitive hypnotherapy, or chair work (click)

Whatever your neurotype and background, Arrive Therapy® is here to help you thrive emotionally, use your neurological profile to your advantage if you're neurodivergent, and importantly, show you how CBT and solution focussed hypnotherapy practices CAN work for you. The blog details Kathy's interest in subjects like Hypno-CBT® for autistic individuals, PolyVagal theories and neuroplasticity.

Tele-health / online hypnotherapy appointments cost: £65. New appointment wait times are usually around four weeks. Outcomes for online therapy, including hypnotherapy, are similar to face-to-face sessions - see our iTherapy resources section.)


In-person Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy appointments are available in Maidstone: cost: £75

Call 01732 330070 - email:

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