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Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy for business coaching, mindset marketing & autistic-led-business

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy can be very useful for individuals looking to enhance or launch a business.

I have been working with businesses since 2007, helping them improve their sales and awareness.

And having discovered Hypno-CBT® more recently, I have developed mindset marketing concepts for entrepreneurs that can help clients boost their business via more focussed attention on their own decisions and beliefs.

CBT and REBT for businesses and entrepreneurs

I really like concepts found in both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and also Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT), and believe they can be successfully be applied to mindset marketing. Elements of CBT and REBT look at how we think and feel about things, and examine how our behaviours are linked to these thoughts and feelings.

(For example, how motivated are we to launch a new product line, or develop our own CPD; do we procrastinate or lack focus – do we need to practice assertiveness or boost confidence alongside our professional peers or partners?) Hypno-CBT® for business coaching and mindset marketing can help us problem-solve and challenge ‘stuck’ beliefs about our business or personal capabilities, which can present as emotional or psychological barriers to success.

Within my Hypno-CBT® framework, we challenge ‘faulty cognitions’ about our business or ourselves, and examine our belief systems and values. This helps us feel in control of the issue we’re considering, rather than ‘it’ controlling us.

One we have identified some alternative viewpoints and behaviours, we can role-play with clients and help them rehearse the concepts in hypnosis.

Incorporating Hypno-CBT® with the REBT model and ABC facets

Using Albert Ellis’ REBT model, we can also consider the ‘ABC’ elements – the Activating event that is causing the ‘stuckness’, the Beliefs surrounding the issue (e.g. ‘I don’t deserve wealth’), and also the Consequences of these beliefs, e.g. poor sales or lack of brand trust. Ellis encourages two further elements, D for disputing the beliefs, and also E for effects, e.g. when we have changed the faulty beliefs, and we start to imagine (and then see in reality) the effects.

Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy for mindset marketing

Due to my fourteen years of PR and marketing coaching experience, I can apply the above Hypno-CBT® for business coaching to business marketing too, as well as the entrepreneur’s own belief systems. E.g. where is the company’s branding ‘stuck’? What about beliefs about customers, such as ‘Under-30s won’t buy our product.’ And what consequences may occur as a result, such as the company discounting exhibiting at a particular trade show?

Hypno-CBT® and neurodiversity – launching autistic-led businesses

Due also to my experience with neurodiversity, I am particularly interested in helping autistic individuals (who are drastically under-represented in the workplace) to tackle challenges relating to their own businesses, or business ideas.

Autists often excel in such careers as art and design (including photography), writing and journalism, animal management and training, beauty, book-keeping and finances, and problem-solving careers (and consultancy roles) in their chosen area of special interest, whether it’s sport, engineering, technology, or a myriad of other areas. The workplace doesn’t always suit us, so setting up a business suited to our own interests and needs is a great idea! The cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy principles for mindset marketing can of course be applied to autistic entrepreneurs, who may especially and additionally need to focus on personal areas such as anxiety, self-efficacy, confidence, relaxation, self-esteem and social anxiety.

Contact Arrive Therapy today if you’d like to discuss Hypno-CBT® for business coaching and mindset marketing. If you’d like more info, please email me on to discuss your queries.

Kathy Carter


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