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PODCAST – (11) – ‘holding patterns’, stimming, tics, and the train analogy of regulation...

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

In this show, we take a deeper dive into how a regulated body is controlled by our ‘will’, or our ‘Self’, in terms of a network of trains and carriages, carrying our emotional energy units around the mind and body.

We look at how we process and discharge energy and emotions, and how stimming, often exhibited by autistic folks, is an expression of energy discharge and regulation.

We conclude by tying this idea in with cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy.

Kathy also proposes that tics could be a more complex expression of energy discharge and regulation, based on her work with neurodivergent folk. However, these are purely her own views. The exact cause of tic disorders is unknown, although genes may play a role; some people believe that brain chemicals including serotonin and dopamine have a role in tics. Tic expressions are often coexisting in neurodivergent (ND) people, i.e alongside their ND diagnosis.

This podcast is for education purposes only; NOT a substitute for advice from a Doctor or any relevant health professional.

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