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14 minute focussed attention, anti-anxiety exercise / meditation

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Here, we have a 14 minute, focussed attention exercise. This session is ideal for anyone who suffers from excessive, untimely thoughts; it’s perfect for highly sensitive individuals, and those who are neurodivergent or simply anxious and heightened.

Anxiety isn’t an emotion – similarly to a sensation like nausea, anxiety is a kinetic experience – a physical manifestation that you feel. We often create anxiety by projecting forward to the future, with a ‘what if’ question. It’s healthier to focus on the now. If we need to solve a problem concerning the future, that’s OK, but allowing our thoughts to loop excessively over the ‘what ifs’ causes anxiety.

Anxious people often have two issues – one, that they have difficulty staying present with the ‘now’, and two, that they often hold excessive body tension. This exercise helps address these issues, and introduces a useful breathing technique.


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