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Mask Mapping - know your masking self (inc.autism)

This one hour presentation is a six part course that will help you discover your masking self. This may be especially pertinent to neurodivergent people. It includes aspects around your nervous system, values and personal boundaries. The aim is to help you understand why you mask, and mask more intentionally, perhaps for the benefit of your wellness, i.e. to help avoid burnout. Please note, I mention in the presentation the fact that when we are referring to our 'masking self', i.e the part of us that 'masks', 'it' will have the same pronouns as us, but I have only mentioned 'he or she'. Naturally if you have a different pronoun, your 'masking self' will share your pronouns. Apologies for this non-inclusive language. #HSP #autismacceptance #adhd #neurodivergence #neurodiversity #autisticmasking #actuallyautistic #HighlySensitivePerson


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